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Water supply in Tunjice built by DOO Niskogradnja Laktaši consists of: water tank R1-Tunjice I, water tank R2 Tunjice II (Drakulic), pump station, which is located in the tank R1, booster station located on Tunjice III location, the water supply system consisting of:

Supply pipeline ф 700 mm, total length 1,700 m

Pressure pipeline ф 400 mm, total length 4,200 m

And fine mesh (ф 200 mm, ф 260 mm, ф 120 mm), total length 10,000 m

Tank R1, V1 = 5,000 m³ serves as buffer tank for tank R2, as well as the area below the same.


From the tank R1 water is pumped with two pumps into the tank R2 with the total power of 110 kW. In the pump station there is one standby pump with 55 kW engine and jockey pump with 18 kW engine.

Water is pumped from the tank R1 to the tank R2 by a pressure pipeline ф 400 mm and the same pipeline is fed back to consumers.

Altitude zone Tunjice III is covered by the booster pump which increases the pressure in the network to 5 bar so that population in the third zone can have water.

The system is quite complex and complicated and will have remote monitoring of all relevant parameters (pressure, flow, consumption ...)

To ensure the normal operation of the system, protection from water hammer was made with the latest equipment from Thermo Simax from Serbia, as well as system of absorbing valves -5 pieces.

R1 reservoir is located at an elevation + 195 m above the sea level and R2 reservoir at elevation + 255 m above the sea level.

The water supply system is funded by:

  • KFW Bank


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