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Construction of the border crossing GRADIŠKA-ČATRNJA (Phase I)

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Construction of the border crossing GRADIŠKA-ČATRNJA (Phase I)

On 23rd March 2015 construction of the border crossing point Gradiska- Čatrnja (Phase I) began, on the E661 motorway corridor, in the municipality of Gradiska, i.e. on the borderline of states Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

The construction of this border crossing is of great importance for our country because it is one of two BIP (Border Inspection Post) crossings in Bosnia and Hercegovina, which means that it will operate full customs services for plant and animal products between the EU and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Currently Bijača is the only border crossing of this type in the country.

Since in the previous period the European Commission has given the green light for the construction of the bridge on the Sava river and put it on the list of priorities, the construction of the new border crossing in Gradiska receives its full meaning.


We have already written about the importance of this construction, you can judge for yourselves about its size based on the following data:

  • The total value of the first phase of works is 8,499,290.80 BAM with VAT (while the total value of the investment is 24 million), and is funded by the Department for Indirect Taxation of Bosnia and Hezegovina.
  • The total length of the plateau for the construction of the border crossing is approx. 1,200m,
  • The width of the plateau on certain profiles is up to 250m,
  • The plateau is being made by filling gravel material in an amount of about 202,000.00 m3,
  • Future border crossing complex is made up of several functionally and structurally broken units which are comprised of facilities intended for the operation of customs and border police, veterinary inspection facility with the area for the reception of animals, customs office facility, the facility for technical inspection of vehicles, functionally standardized control rooms, restaurant facility, forwarding block and other accompanying contents and car parks for border crossing personnel, seized vehicles etc.

Central Zone of the border crossing is designed to be covered so that all activities on the border crossing, regardless of the weather conditions, can take place.

The estimated date for the completion of the first phase of works is November of the current year.


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