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Works on construction of Highway on Vc Corridor

Odjel Prodaje

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Works on construction of the Highway on Vc Corridor started in mid-June 2012. Niskogradnja is in charge of the sub-section Zvirovići Kravice, which makes a 5-kilometer unit.

The value of the project is 120 million KM. At the international tender, this very important project was awarded to Niskogradnja doo and the Czech company OHL ŽS consortium. These two companies represent a well-played team of an international company with good reputation and the local operational company with experience.

Having in mind a high categorization of the roads, and the complexity of the ground in terms of relief, as well as the importance of the area in which this section runs, structures in the alignment and over it appear ( 2,00 km-long structures, i.e.1,50 km-long bridges and viaducts and 0,50 km of tunnels).

Structures designed on this alignment include the Međugorje interchange that connects the towns (Međugorje, Čitluk, Ljubuški,...) and regional roads in this part of Herzegovina, make the movement of vehicles easier and running of traffic safer. After this interchange, the following structures appear on the highway: Bituljani underpass (4,0m), Studenčica bridge (590,00m) across the river of the same name, Pavlovići viaduct (387,00m), Bijela Vlaka tunnel (485,697m), and Trebižat bridge (380,00) accross the Trebižat river.

By constructing of this section, people travelling to Croatia, religious people and pilgrims who visit Međugorje and the Holy Lady as well as other tourists will be able to reach their destination more quickly.